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The Brine Club

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The Brine Club

/If you dream of learning how to ferment, but don't know where to start, the Brine Club is the place for you. If you want to: 

  • Add fermented foods into your natural foods diet
  • Find the right way to ferment but don’t have the time or the confidence to start 
  • Engage with other natural food lovers people in a fun, new community

Membership in the Brine Club is $9.99/month  for the summer of 2019.  It's a brand new community focused on fermentation, fun, health and natural food.

In the Brine Club, we’ll have: 

  • Weekly recipes and fermentation tips 

  • Connections with a health-focused community and nutritional tips 

  • Regular calls to discuss the nutritional fermentation journey 

  • Product recommendations and discounts

  • Fermentation courses launching in Sept 2019 on Fermented Foods and Fermented Drinks

About Us

Hello! I’m Nena, a Natural Chef, Fermentationist (a fancy way of saying I know a lot about fermenting), and Founder of The Brine Club. 

During my chef training, I developed a passion for gut health and fermentation. Before becoming a chef, I worked as a research academic and lecturer with a background in health and science. So, I get excited about the science-y bits, as well as the nutritional aspects of fermentation. And of course, I am absolutely passionate about fermented foods and drinks and make them a part of every meal. 

I have run successful workshops for over two and a half years, teaching hundreds of students, and regularly contribute my fermentation expertise to food blogs. I am also the mother of two children who enjoy fermented foods, one of whom is quite possibly the world’s youngest kombucha junkie. 

We’ll be launching a new membership community called the Brine Club. If you've been scouring the internet for ways to ferment, feeling like the lonely yet still hopeful fermenter in your circle of friends, you're in the right place. Here, you'll connect with a transformational community to connect with on your fermentation and natural food journey.

What Others Say

Here's what happy participants say about my in person workshops.

“‘Thoroughly enjoyed the fermented foods workshop with Nena. Very educational and lots of fun. Came away with lots of ideas and 3 pots of fantastic fermented food. Looking forward to future courses.”-Paul

“‘I am still very happily reaping the benefits of my food fermentation course with Nena, which was over a month ago. I am very interested in consuming healthy, healing food, and I enjoyed the session thoroughly. We were given a detailed information pack, which was full of recipes and ideas.”- Sarah

I have also worked with a number of industry chefs and cooks as a food stylist and recipe developer, including vegetarian chef and cookbook author, Anna Jones, and I was recently named as a game-changing woman working in food. Here’s what she had to say:

“Nena is particularly brilliant when it comes to fermentation, kombucha, and kefir. She is your woman.”

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